Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Lore Case Digest

Here's a new feature that I'm adding to Family Lore Focus. Family Lore Case Digest contains all of the cases mentioned in Family Lore Focus (and may contain more later). For each case, there is the citation, date, summary and a link to the report. All cases are listed under subject heading and the Digest is fully searchable, using all or part of the case name, or any term that appears in the the name or summary. This will, I believe, provide easy access to most family law reports that are freely available on the web. The Digest can be found here, and there is now a tab linking to it at the top of this page.


  1. ... I think it sufficient to say, John, that what you DON'T know about Family Law fits on the head of a pin!!! Can hapless junior (and for the moment entirely JOKING) counsel such as myself ever look you square in your utterly knowledgeable eye and have the temerity to offer you an opinion or an 'Advice' ( HAH!) that would inevitably be laughed out of Bolch Towers?!?

  2. ... or perhaps I just bluff my way through.


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