Life's a Drag

I now have a new piece of advice for all of my male clients: if you want to do well in court, wear women's clothes. This is what 62 year-old Paul Cuthbert did, and it worked for him. Having done badly previously in front of a female judge at Taunton County Court, he attended in a wig, purple frock and fur coat and succeeded in obtaining the order he sought to enable the former matrimonial home to be sold. (He wants to use what he gets from the sale to pursue his dream of being a cowboy and country singer.)

All of which gives me an idea for my next court appearance:


  1. That's not a nice thing to say to a lady!

  2. oo you look lovely darling!

  3. Thank you. Nice to get some compliments...

  4. any time -do let me know if your next Court appearance is successful!

  5. I'm looking forward to it. Just hope the judge isn't a man...

  6. just show him your legs..

  7. Hmm, possibly not the best plan...

  8. This is second to none and totally in keeping with the new guidelines.

    *Love* Dame Edna. And you do it so well.


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