Mother of Parliaments

Don't you just love our parliamentary system? I've just read an article in the June issue of Resolution's magazine The Review about the progress of Lord Lester's Cohabitation Bill, which had its Second Reading on the 13th March and then went to Committee Stage on the 30th April.

The Second Reading appears to have been quite interesting, with some reasonable debate both for and against the Bill. However, things were rather different at Committee Stage, as the authors of the article state: "In contrast to the proceedings at Second Reading, sitting in the Chamber was a somewhat dispiriting experience. Instead of the reasoned arguments that we enjoyed at Second Reading , it quickly became clear that some peers were out to wreck the Bill, for example, spending time on procedure around the tabling and grouping of amendments rather than the issues". The villainess of the piece, it seems, was Baroness Deech of Cumnor (where?) who, as Lord Lester stated, was clearly out to kill the Bill. As a result, little progress was made and the Government Whip's Office have since indicated that they are not prepared to make any more time for the Bill in Committee, 'as there is no real likelihood of it becoming law'.

So, the wreckers win the day and another opportunity to provide protection for separating cohabitants (or at least to have sensible debate about the issue) has been lost. Parliamentarians can now get back to dealing with the really important things, like whether their moats need cleaning.


  1. Good, an excellent result.

    I'm with Cromwell on this one. Sent in the army and chuck the lot of them out, they do no good. They do not listen, James Plaskett wrote to me a letter which was complete crap. They have no accountability either and do not represent the views of the people they claim to. Perhaps we need a benevolent dictator like in Russia or PR, my preference to hear the people.

    Have no idea who the W+P secretary is now, I gave up after the last 6 in 4 years and rubbish letters from each of them.

    The bill was rubbish introducing marriage lite.

    I will keep saying, the only way forwards is to scrap the CSA 1992 act and take it (child maintenance) back to the family courts and bring in pre nups.

  2. Marrying people against their will is not the way to stop the decline in marriage, which is caused by people not wanting to be accountable to the 1992 CSA, the 1999 pensions sharing and 1973 MCA. All of which need replacing through pre nups and CSA scrapped.

  3. And mine's a pint, cheers.

  4. The Bill would have stopped even more people from living together. Breaking down families and sinle households even more. In addition to the tax credits doing a similar effect. This whole area is F'd as means I am an unwilling LAT. If the tories solve all this and adopt all the policies I mention as I hope they will, not cos they are mine but commonly felt then I'd vote for them. I haven't this millenium so far.

  5. Because they are the best things to do now.


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