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Small but perfectly formed is how I would describe the news update on Family Lore Focus today. We have the story of the mother who is apparently 'too stupid' to look after her child (see also this post), yet more fallout from the Baby Peter case and comment from Lucy Reed at Pink Tape, amongst other things. Read it here.


  1. Judge Wall mentioned several times in his lengthy pedantic judgement that the mother concerned clearly loved her baby and wished to keep her.In my view that was all he needed to know Therefore her human rights and those of her baby were grossly infringed when the Official Solicitor betrayed her by preventing her from speaking in court.He then acted exactly contrary to his client's declared wishes;He should be struck off.All the useless psychobabble disguises the fact that the judge could simply have asked the mother in court what she wanted him to order and could also have asked if she understood what a court was and what it could decide .Were common sense and humanity too much to ask for ?
    There was also nothing in the judgement to justify reducing this mother's visiting rights and eventually depriving the unfortunate child of all contact with a loving mother for at least 15 years and probably for the rest of her life.That child will go through life wondering why her mother abandoned her and that as John Hemming stated is really EVIL;


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