Today I left practice, never to return (see below). Amongst the things I shall not miss (and in no particular order) are the following:
  • Difficult clients
  • Doing the same things I've done a thousand times before
  • Working 9 to 5
  • Waiting around at court
  • Completing Form Es
  • CPD
  • Having to follow crass rules
  • Preparing court bundles
  • Wearing a suit!
I am now embarking upon a new venture, working freelance. I do not know whether it will provide me with a living, but even if it does not, I do not intend to return to practice - and if anyone finds me even contemplating such a thing, they have my full authority to call the men in white coats.


  1. Freelance what? Tell us more.

  2. Well done, John. I didn't regret it.

  3. Good luck John. Hopefully you were given a decent send-off?!

  4. Sam: Thanks. Don't be envious, until I bring in enough to live on!

    Nick: Writing on family law mainly, but looking for any opportunities...

    Carl: I hope I don't too...

    headless: Thanks. No send off - left quietly, as I wanted.

  5. Good for you, I am sure you won't regret it. I have always enjoyed your posts, even as a non-solicitor, and of course - as a bit of a technologist myself - I admire your pragmatic and astute use of appropriate(?!) technology. Anyway, well done, and I look forward to reading your posts from the world of freelance.

  6. Thanks for that. Hopefully, I will now have time for more posts.

  7. Big change can be a wonderful thing - although admittedly my mid-life shift was into practice ;-)

    Exciting times ahead of you then, and I'm confident, successful ones.

    Bon chance


  8. Many thanks, NL. Yes, you did it the other way round. Weird. ;-)

  9. As usual, last to the party - but may I now take the opportunity of wishing you all the very best in your freelance endeavours!
    ( Did you leave the office and chuck all your books/papers/ring coffins etc up into the air, stamp up and down on them for a bit, smooth down your tie and walk off into the sunset?!?! What a lovely thought!!)

  10. Thanks Minx - now why didn't I think of doing that?

  11. Welcome to the ranks of the great unemployed. I don't earn enough for a living being freelance, but the freedom more than makes up for that.

  12. Thanks, John. I'll try to remember that... ;-)

  13. Well done, and good luck. Everything I know about family law has been learned here.

  14. Thanks, BB. Good job you're not a family lawyer then!

  15. No way! Congratulations I guess. I am now a little worried about all the things in your bulleted list IF I should manage to find someone crazy enough to give me a training contract!


  16. Thanks. You should be worried... ;-)

    Seriously, good luck in your search for a contract.

  17. Congratulations. I hope the book is a success and there is sequel.

  18. Minx wasn't last to the party, it took me a whole couple o'days to spot your blog post. Why? Because I go to work every day. And it sucks, to some degree. So congratulations and best of luck to you John, you're in a better place (your house). But make sure you stay socialised, I know if I spend a couple of days at home without seeing anyone I get even weirder...

  19. Fiona: Thanks. Thinking about a sequel...

    UE: Thanks. Not sure I could get any weirder...

  20. Best wishes to you John. I hope you enjoy your freedom.


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