June Post of the Month

Sometimes being a family lawyer involves giving non-legal advice to our clients. So it was recently for Marilyn Stowe, although she gave her client some advice that I have certainly never given to one of my clients: "I told her to go home and fight for her man in the best way she can to keep him. I diagnosed a ‘man-o-pause’ and, like female menopause, it takes time to diminish its effects.". You see, the client didn't seem to want a divorce but her balding 55-year-old husband was besotted with a 23-year-old woman, a clear symptom of what Marilyn calls the 'man-o-pause', the male version of the menopause. Marilyn also has some pretty sobering advice for the husband if he doesn't see the error of his ways...

So, my Post of the Month trophy for June goes to Marilyn Stowe for Is there such a thing as a Man-o-pause? The prize of a virtual pair of walking boots (for virtual walks, of course) is at this very moment on its way to beautiful Yorkshire.

[I am, of course, myself fast approaching man-o-pause age, although unfortunately I can't see any 23-year-old women being interested...]


  1. Thank you so much !!! I'm thrilled!
    That post demonstrates much of what this job is really all about and that's why I love it.


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