A platonic relationship... and a hero

I hate being tagged. Call me a spoilsport, but tagging annoys me. It is done by bloggers with too much time on their hands. Unfortunately, my erstwhile friend Carl Gardner of Head of Legal has tagged me. Perhaps it was a quiet news day for him. I shall play the game to the extent of replying, but I shall not burden others with a tag. Did I hear a sigh of relief from my contacts?

I am tasked with the assignment of writing exactly 139 words about my phone, explaining why it is my phone, and naming a hero. What is not explained is: why?

Anyway, here goes:

My mobile phone is a Samsung G600. It is my phone because I bought it (well, got it on a contract, actually). It is black. It has a slide-out keypad. It is not the latest and greatest mobile phone out there (I can't afford one of those) but, as Charon QC says, 'it does the business'.

Damn, that's only 56 words.

OK: My phone can do text messages, take photos, surf the net, play music and videos. It even plays chess. Occasionally I also use it to call people.

Bugger, still only 89 words.

One last effort: Whilst I like my phone, our relationship is purely platonic. It seems to be happy with this, and I have never found it attractive in that way. Of course, when I find a more attractive model, I shall give it the elbow...


As to heroes, I have never really had any. However, if pressed to be serious I shall choose Carl Sagan, for his work in popularising science in general and cosmology in particular. All these years later, his great book Cosmos still occupies a cherished position on my bookshelf. Amongst many other things, Carl also reminded us of our place in the universe in the most dramatic way with his wonderful Pale Blue Dot:


  1. EEEEE! I have been tagged too - and you have already PINCHED Carl Sagan as a hero!!! WAAAAH!! I am simply DREADFUL with TAGS!
    What is a GIRL to do?!?!?!

  2. Apologies, John. I do know how you feel.

    Good hero! Sagan was ace. I liked him because he was talked very slowly and was called Carl. But he was also really clever. I have an amazing book, sort of distance-co-written by him and a Russian called Shlovskii - "Life in the Universe" I think it's called. It's just mind-bending. It's a thick book and very dense, but once you get into it, you're engrossed.

    As for me and time... no, I have to little. But too much is taken up by marking this week, which is why the mind can occasionally wander.

  3. Hi Carl,

    Yes, I've not read that book, but would love to. Unfortunately, I don't think it's in print any more.

    Ah, so the tag was just a little light relief. I'll excuse you...



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