Call me a lawyer

I am told by good authority (well, Charon QC actually) that I am no longer a 'Solicitor of the Supreme Court' but am now a 'Solicitor of the Senior Court'. Now, I could never give two hoots for what I was called (although 'soliciting' always seemed appropriate) so this does not concern me at all, particularly as I am no longer practising. What does concern me is the archaic pomposity of it all. In the 21st century why can't we all just be called 'lawyers'? I realise that we have two halves to the profession (although I've never fully understood why when a single profession seems to work perfectly well in most other countries) and that there are many who insist that we simply must differentiate between barristers and solicitors, but lawyers are what we all are, whether we like it or not. So I say forget the antiquated nonsense, and call me a lawyer.