Divorce can be heartbreaking, but having to sell off your toy collection to pay for it is just cruel. This is what has happened to Fred Matt. Still, Fred's is no ordinary collection. It comprises some 2,250 vehicles and has been valued by experts at between £270,000 and £300,000. Fred remains philosophical: "When you get divorced, sometimes you need to offload a few things," he was reported as saying. "Some people have to sell their house or their cars. For me, it had to be the collection. I owe millions, but this will go a long way to help pay it off." Indeed. Perhaps it is time for me to dig out my old corgi cars...

[Thanks again to my researcher-in-chief John Hirst of Jailhouselawyer's Blog for providing the link to this story.]


  1. You mean there's something lower than researcher for Family Lore? ;-)

  2. My Dear John,

    Joking Barristers!!! (such as myself!)

    ( I'll just get back in the knife drawer, now.....)

  3. It just sounds so grand "researcher-in-chief"...

    I think expenses cheating MPs and members of the House of Lords could crawl underneath me with tophats on.

  4. Was the car collection named as co-respondent?


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