Do Your Own Divorce - Now in print!

Today I received the first printed copy of my book Do Your Own Divorce, and here it is, all 264 pages of it (not 162 pages, as incorrectly stated on Amazon). I'm very pleased with the result (although I would say that...) and, yes, just a little proud - as I suppose most authors are when they see their first masterpiece in print. I'm told that copies should be appearing in bookshops soon...


  1. As regards the front cover, it looks as though the woman is aiming a gun at the man's goolies and, in turn, the man is trying to protect himself with a sheet of paper. Whoever did the artwork must have been inspired by own divorce. BTW, I acquired the first e-book edition and would recommend it to anyone.

  2. :-)

    Thanks for the endorsement!

  3. I wonder if divorce lawyers might be after your blood for recommending people do away with their services and rather expensive fees?

  4. Just a bit of healthy competition... ;-)

  5. Now sit back and watch it climb the Amazon bestseller list...

  6. Congrats - may many copies be sold


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