Friday, August 28, 2009

Do Your Own Divorce: Published today!

My book Do Your Own Divorce is finally published today. The book is primarily a guide for litigants in person and should enable most people to deal with their divorces themselves without recourse to a lawyer. Of course, there are occasions when it is not recommended that you 'go it alone', and the book makes these clear. Even so, the book could easily save you £1000 or more in legal fees, even in the most straightforward cases.

An alternative way to use the book would be to deal with one or more of the simpler aspects of the matter yourself (such as the divorce itself, if there are no complications), and only instruct a solicitor to deal with the more complex aspects, such as finances. In this way you could still save yourself hundreds of pounds, and probably more.

Lastly, the book could even save money for those who have instructed solicitors to deal with all aspects of the matter. Imagine, as often happens, that you have a minor or general query regarding your matter. Ringing your solicitor for an answer will cost you about £20, but you may well find the answer in the book, which will cost you just £10.99 (or only £7.14 on Amazon). Otherwise, the information in the book can act as a useful addition to the advice given to you by your solicitor.

The book comprises 264 pages and includes the following:
  • A guide to divorce proceedings, including completing all the required forms.
  • A chapter on sorting out arrangements for children.
  • Details of child support maintenance.
  • A chapter on sorting out financial/property arrangements, whether by agreement or through the court.
  • Chapters on domestic violence, costs and mediation.
  • Specimen forms.
  • Useful addresses and websites.
  • A detailed glossary of legal terms.
  • Updated to May 2009.


  1. John, Congratulations on the new read! Are you doing a lot of press? Is it available in the US?

    Well, whatever the case, we are rooting for your that it is a best seller. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards
    Divorce Saloon Staff, New York

  2. Thanks. Doing as much press as I can. I don't think it's available in the US - strictly English law!


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