Saturday, August 01, 2009

July Post of the Month

I've always enjoyed Nearly Legal's occasional 'On the naughty step' posts, his very own public disciplining technique for those who cannot see the error of their ways. This month it was a story of remarkably crass behaviour that I had already come across. Horizon Group Management, a property owner/management firm from Chicago is suing one of their tenants for what they consider to be a defamatory tweet that she wrote on Twitter, notwithstanding the fact that she only had 30 Twitter followers. Their explanation was that they are "a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organisation". Yes, you read that correctly. For Nearly Legal's thoughts on this read this post, which wins my coveted July Post of the Month award. Oh, and Nearly Legal also gives his thoughts on the nonsense that is Twitter...

The prize? As one who has changed his career mid-life to go in to the law, I am tempted to say that what Nearly Legal really needs is not a prize but to undertake The Insanity Test, but I will not. Instead, I shall award him a virtual one-year supply of the alcoholic beverage of his choice - he will need it after those long days dealing with clients, courts and all the other frustrations of practising as a Solicitor of the Senior Court.


  1. John, thank you, I'm honoured. And the virtual St Emillion is going down well - that must have cost you.

    Just been on holiday, hence the delay, but how pleasant to find on my digitial door mat.


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