Monday, August 31, 2009

New online magazine for people going through a break-up

I have received the following press release from Wikivorce:

Press Release

September is usually a bumper month for divorce lawyers, and this year they could be busier than ever.

With the promised BBQ summer having turned into a wintery washout, many frustrated parents who have spent the summer indoors struggling to entertain their bored kids, may soon be heading to a solicitor to start divorce proceedings.

Divorce lawyers can be costly and they focus predominantly on the legal issues. But people going through a break-up have much broader needs, and often require access to a trusted source of emotional support, practical help, advice and inspiration.

That support and advice is now available at Wikivorce the UK's largest divorce website, and judging by the growing membership - which currently stands at over 40,000 members, there is evidently a huge demand for all the services and information that the website offers.

Today, as part of an ongoing programme of innovation, Wikivorce has announced the launch of Wikizine - an online magazine aimed specifically at the needs of divorcing/separating couples.

Wikizine - First Issue
A unique online magazine dedicated to meeting the needs of divorcing and separating couples, Wikizine will provide advice on starting over, DIY, housing, fashion and beauty, parenting, relationships, finances, law, fitness and health, travel and careers.

Wikivorce founder, Ian Rispin says:
"The break-up support options currently available to people are limited and difficult to access. We wanted to bring together in one publication the best advice and inspiration from legal experts to relationship coaches, from financial advisors to fitness instructors. Just a couple of months after our initial brainstorming - the magazine has been developed and on Monday will become an exciting reality".

The co-editors of Wikizine are Linda Sheridan and Amanda Quinn. With three divorces, four children and two young grandchildren between them, they understand the issues people face during a difficult divorce or separation.

Linda has been the Wikivorce editor for over 12 months, and Amanda, now a non-practising barrister, has been the legal advisor at Wikivorce since April 2008. Both are well known to the Wikivorce membership, and are looking forward to welcoming both old faces and new members to the magazine.

Linda Sheridan says: "The magazine already has a real and very exciting buzz about it. I am delighted to be working with our wide range of contributors, which include: our own GP, Dr Lundy, health and fitness expert, Elliot Oxley, relationship guru Jackie Walker, our cook Emily-Jo, as well as the inspirational Suzy Miller and many more. There really is something for everyone - from advice on how to dress well on a budget to understanding depression and everything in between. I can't wait to take off the wrapping on the 31st August and open Wikizine up to our membership".

Linda and Amanda, the Wikizine co-editors can be contacted on:
01942 275 087 or at

Ian Rispin, the Wikivorce founder can be contacted by email:
Link to Wikizine
Wikizine Links

Click the arrow to the right to visit Wikizine.

Remember though - Wikizine isn't live until 9am on Monday.

In the meantime feel free to visit our main site Wikivorce (see links below).

About Wikivorce

Wikivorce Logo Established in 2007, Wikivorce has quickly grown to become the most visited divorce website in the UK, offering legal, practical and emotional support to divorcing and separating couples. With well over 40,000 members, the site welcomes 1 new visitor every minute, and has over 1 million page views per month.

Further information about Wikivorce and its founder, Ian Rispin.

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