Normal Service Will Be Resumed...

Apologies to any regular visitors for the lack of posting around here, but I am otherwise engaged in a new project, more of which shortly...


  1. OOO, does the Family Lore TestCard come with the traditional monotonic

    ( quick, get the man from Cafcass, he'll sort it all out!!!)

  2. No, it comes with music - the Sound of Silence.

    Anyway, the man from Cafcass says that he won't be able to look at it for at least 6 months.

  3. The man from Cafcass, well, he's available on the phone apparently somewhere.

  4. O , I SEEEE! If thats the case and given that the man from Cafcass is on the phone for the next 6 months, could Jeremy Kyle be of any assistance?

  5. Aaargh! NOT Jeremy Kyle...........


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