Takes my breath away...

While I continue to be distracted from this blog by other things, my researcher John Hirst keeps doing the business. The latest story for him to send my way is another tale of the wonders of Islam. Apparently, Afghanistan has passed a law permitting Shia men to deny their wives food and sustenance if they refuse to obey their husbands' sexual demands. As Lewis Black once said: Takes my breath away...


  1. Stories like this make my blood boil.
    I cant think of a single comment that wouldnt involve the use of expletives, so I will go off and be a bit cross somewhere else, instead.

  2. This is all part of a ploy to slim their women down. You know, the chador and accompanying bin liners they have to wear tend to make a woman lazy.

    The girls will be grateful of the incentive I'm sure.

    It'll run a little something like this:

    "Fatima, emphasis on FATima, come to papa"

    "Ali joon, go to hell. I'm on a diet. Best damn diet ever. I can abstain from your mysoginistic kebab. Ha! And just you wait, I'll drop those thirty pounds, just like that, and then Muhammad joon up the road will want me and then it's Talaq three times baby. T.A.L.A.Q!"

  3. Minx: Expletives are good. Feel free to post here.

    Natasha: I hope you're right, but isn't it only the husband who can pronounce talaq?

    General comment: Is this what our people are dying in Afghanistan for?

  4. Yes John, you are correct, it is only the man who may pronounce Talaq, but there is a little known legal by-law which says that when any woman in Afghanistan drops over 20 pounds she has a window of 48 hours to pronounce Talaq. This is because she is at that point, usually thin enough to be able to escape through the iron bars welded to the bedroom windows and as a result makes it relatively hard to account for the wives, seeing as they all dress the same. The male population, In order to avoid lack of sex completely, and ironically having found their new law is not without some glitches, have made this concession.

    Middle Eastern women are feisty. Once they can do the 100 metres in less than 13 seconds, they'll make a break for it, every time.

    AS for people dying in Afghanistan, may I modestly suggest that just because the male demographic in a society is completely moronic, it does not mean there is no hope. As I said, Middle Eastern women are feisty. And generally have good hearts and a much more sensible perspective on
    the human condition. If nothing else, the soldiers are at least keeping the possibility of a better Afghanistan alive.

    On a more serious note, I am sure the women are grateful for that, at least.

  5. Sounds reasonable.

  6. Doubtless such nonsense will continue, until they embrace the true creator.


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