Andre and Price: Cross-Decrees

I have until now studiously avoided mentioning the divorce of "celebrities" Peter Andre and Katie Price on this blog. However, I think that one thing does deserve a mention. As has been reported across the media, the couple were today granted cross-decrees at the High Court, and I thought I would just explain what is going on here. Essentially, the court is simultaneously granting each party a decree nisi on the basis of the other's unreasonable behaviour. The obvious question is: why? The answer is, quite simply, that each party petitioned or cross-petitioned on the basis of the other's unreasonable behaviour, and neither was prepared to concede to allowing the divorce to proceed solely on the basis of the other's allegations. A little childish, you may think, but infinitely better than a contested divorce.

Note that, contrary to many reports in the less well-informed media, the marriage was not dissolved today - it will only be dissolved when one party applies for the decree absolute, which they can only do after six weeks have elapsed from today.


  1. The key, and indeed, DECISIVE issue in this whole SORRY affair must simply be this:

    Who gets full custody of the spray tanning machine?!?

  2. ...and who has to pay for the refills!


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