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Well, this is a rare but very pleasant event - announcing a new UK family law blog. The Family Law Collaborative Divorce Blog is written by solicitor Richard Sharp (left) of Sharp Family Law in Bath. Unsurprisingly, Richard is a collaborative lawyer (trained in the UK and USA), and the blog is described as being "dedicated to helping UK divorcing families reach solutions". The blog does not yet have a great deal of content, but what it has seems to me to be pretty high-quality advice aimed directly at the public. Unusally for a UK blog, the Family Law Collaborative Blog uses the LexBlog platform, which gives it a very professional look, and a feeling of permanence. I hope this proves to be the case.


  1. Thank you John for your review of the Family Law Collaborative Divorce Blog. I appreciate it.

    As you say the blog is aimed at members of the public who are experiencing separation or divorce and want advice on how to maintain their self respect and dignity, secure a fair financial settlement, do what is best for their children in the circumstances, amicably resolve differences and find solutions with their partner and move on with their lives.

    Blogs will be posted regularly by me and members of my team. I hope they prove to be of value to those who read them.

    Thank you for leading the way in this medium

  2. No problem, Richard - always like to promote blogging!


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