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Is it really six months since I did a post answering some of the keyword searches that found their way to this blog? Well, in that case it is about time I did another. As always, the Disclaimer in my sidebar applies to what follows.

naccc directory of child contact centres

For some reason, it seems that it is not possible to put the directory online, which would be extremely useful. It is, however, available to affiliate members - see their website.

false allegations in family court

...are made frequently. If they are particularly serious, then they could result in sanctions for the person making the allegations, but this is unusual. Normally, the court will simply decide which party is telling the truth, and leave it at that.

is there a branch of law,known as grandparents rights

No, but grandparents do have rights - see this post.

can courts force me to see ex partner during contact with child

In a word, no. If direct contact between the parents is a problem, the court will try to avoid it, for example by use of a third party.

can you enforce ex partner to have kids overnight

No. Contact of any type cannot be forced upon a parent.

what can i do, my ex never turns up for the kids

By the same token, you cannot force them to turn up. However, if they are in regular breach of an agreement or order, then you may be entitle to repudiate the agreement or vary the order.

how to win in divorce book

There are no winners in divorce.

how many incidents do i need for a divorce for unresonable grounds

There is no required number - it depends upon the seriousness of the allegations. My lecturer at law school taught me 'first, last and worst'.

can a consent for decree nisi be objected

Presumably, you are referring to two years' separation and consent, in which case consent can be withdrawn at any time prior to decree nisi.

does my ex have to pay me now she is cohabiting

I assume that this is referring to a settlement whereby one of the triggers for one spouse to pay the other a share of the matrimonial home is that that spouse is cohabiting. Usually, the cohabitation has to last for a specified period - say, 6 months. If that period is reached, the payment is triggered. However, proving cohabitation may be another matter...

nearly lore legal website

I think you may be mixing this blog with the excellent Nearly Legal.

if decree nisi pronounced on 20 august 2009 when can i apply for decree absolute

The 2nd of October.

ancillary relief for dismissal purposes

An application used when the financial/property settlement is agreed. The application enables to court to dismiss all other claims of a financila nature by either party against the other.

tell truth solicitors adultery

Not often that one sees the words 'tell truth' and 'solicitors' in the same sentence. Of course, the client must tell the truth to their solicitor...

if there is no pension sharing order can i do anything to stop half being taken by my ex wife

? She will not get anything if there is no order.

lawyers always leave things until the last minute


how do i do my own divorce

Easy, read this book!