A Breath of Fresh Air

I've just read the Lawyer of the Week column in The Times. This week it features Yvonne Hossack, the solicitor who campaigns against the closure of care homes and was cleared of allegations of serious professional misconduct. Now, I've not really followed this case, but Yvonne Hossack sounds like a breath of fresh air for the general stereotype of public school, egocentric, venal, supercilious lawyers.

On the subject of supercilious, I was particularly amused by her 'worst day as a lawyer'. After making strenuous efforts to get her client to complete and return his Form E on time, she was rewarded by the District Judge calling her a disgrace to her profession. Typical. What happens to some people when they are promoted to the judiciary? Were they always pompous arses (in which case why on earth were they appointed - old boy network? masons?), or does the thinner atmosphere at their rarified level go to their head? Every lawyer who has ever practised in court must have come across them from time to time. Don't they remember that they had similar problems with clients for whom they acted prior to their elevation?

I also enjoyed her response to the question: What would your advice be to anyone wanting a career in law? She replied: "Remember that the law and justice are not a married couple. At best they are a one-night stand and part company in the morning." I certainly could not have put it better.