Sunday, October 18, 2009

Child Support Jackpot

Not all new ideas from America are good, but I certainly like this one. In Colorado, casinos are now required by law to do a computer check on any patron who wins more than $1,200 in jackpot winnings. The computer will check to see if they owe any child support and if so, the winnings will be paid to the state rather than the winner. The new law is working, too - apparently it has recovered over $600,000 in its first year. Something that should be considered over here perhaps?


  1. Well it's innovative!

    Slightly troubled by the detail though. The wording implies that if you owe $10,000 in child support and win $1,000,000 then the state confiscates the whole $1,000,000.

    Seems rather harsh.

  2. Somehow I don't think it works like that, much though the state might wish that it did!

  3. No. I used tto think like this until I went through this and I do pay this. I do think you look at the effects of such policies on society. There are a lot of men being locked up etc in the US on this. This state intervention is a cause rather than an effect of marital breakdown. It all comes from the USSR this CSA idea and is communist and destructive and I worry as Sharia law seems to be taking over as more people see these 1984 type laws in the words of Ali G as "well dodgy!".

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. The last commenter may have had a point, but that wording wasn't acceptable, sorry.

  6. I missed it. Nrps are people too. The popular apprach of slagging them all off is not good and needs to change. I do not take the alternative view of blaming single mums either, the point is there is no simple 'formula' like the csa fits all.

  7. Judge Judy is out of order on this also. I think they are worse in America with this attitude and put wanted posters up etc. I think there may be something of the puritan history contributing here, like the off licenses over there and the way alcohol is looked upon as bad.

  8. It is a good idea though. But it should work in a different way. Who ever wins in casino have to pay certain percentages towards child welfare.Lets hope for the best.

  9. Now there's an idea. Not sure the gamblers would be too happy though...

  10. Now there's a good idea.


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