Sunday, October 04, 2009

How To Finance Your Divorce

Earning a few bob to pay for your divorce settlement whilst getting a few laughs at the expense of your ex seems a pretty good arrangement to me. John Cleese has started his How To Finance Your Divorce tour in Norway, and here is the first review. I liked the comment by his lawyer about Miss Eichelberger's contribution towards the marriage...

* * *

[Unfortunately, the story has been altered since I wrote this post. The comment by Cleese's lawyer was along the lines: "Imagine how much you would have had to pay if she had made a contribution towards the marriage, such as a child, or a conversation."]


  1. Michael Winner's memorable comment about Cleese's erstwhile inamorata was that she "has a voice that could rip the testicles off a rabbit."
    Poor Cleese.


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