Keep your prejudices at home

I nearly posted about this story when I first saw it earlier in the week, but I decided against it. However, now that the story has found its way this side of the Atlantic, perhaps it does deserve a comment.

Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, refused to officiate at the marriage of a mixed-race couple on the grounds that it would not be fair to any children they might have. Now, I don't like a media witch-hunt demanding that someone lose their job, but it is difficult to see how Mr Bardwell's position can still be tenable. Even if he has a point (and I certainly do not believe that he does), it is obviously not his position to choose who should and should not marry.

The story is very reminiscent of the Lilian Ladele case in this country, where Ms Ladele, a registrar, was quite rightly disciplined after refusing to conduct civil partnership ceremonies.


  1. I read this case and was disgusted by the action of the JP. He should be sacked.

  2. Well, I do not agree with his weird thought here. I mean the President is voted in and he's a half caste.

    That said I again disagree with you John in that I think it should be up to more people than just the bride and groom if they marry. Then we might not get so many divorces. I think the church having a getting married course may be a good idea. I think there was a film with Robin Williams where he is a vicar doing this, but I haven't seen it. Perhaps the state should issue marriage certificates like in the film starship trooper, where the women do military service to get the necessary points to marry and have children. This could be kept in check by democracy and would stop the benefits culture of young mums for the housing for having children etc.

    Personally I quite like the blacks and the hald casts.

  3. Is that the thought police at the door?


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