A New Dawn?

I had, until very recently, been fearing for the future of the UK family law blogosphere. With no new family law blogs appearing for some time and a number of established blogs being apparently moribund, things were not looking good. In fact, excluding blogs which are little more than an advertisement for the services offered by the author's firm (still a perfectly valid use of blogging), the number of active truly independent family law blogs hardly exceeded the digits on one hand.

Well, things are looking up, at least a little. Not only has Richard Sharp recently started the Family Law Collaborative Divorce Blog, but Mark Chaloner of Laws of Love has returned to the fold after a four-month hiatus and, best of all, Lucy Reed of Pink Tape is back blogging again. Lucy says: "I’m sorry to disappoint anyone out there, but I’m not going away". No disappointment here!

Now, if we could just persuade one or two other backsliders to put finger to keyboard again...


  1. Isn't it the case, as with anything new, that people experiment a bit to see what is available, and then ignore the less interesting and poorer quality blogs while concentrating on those which represent a superior and more refined level of blogging?

    Speaking personally, I don't have the time to read every blog out there, and have to discriminate (if that's still lawful). One of the splendours of your blog, John, is the welcome you give to all comers, and the fact that you don't remove postings simply because you disagree with the reader's opinions, which is more than can be said for some bloggers.

  2. You may have a point Nick, although I'm not sure that Family Lore qualifies as "a superior and more refined level of blogging"!

    You mean you discriminate against certain blogs??? I shall report you to the thought police...

    Thanks for the kind words about this blog. There have been a few comments that I've had to delete, but only because they could be defamatory.

  3. Yes, the thought Police, very funny, is going a bit that way. Probably time to get a new government. Still waiting to hear about that copper who bundled the newspaper seller to his dealth on if there was a charge, I know the one who was trying to make a woman eat his riot shield was done. Agree with what you both have said in this bit and agree on the blogs I read I tend to stear clear of the tittle tattle when I can (the Daily mail has gone downhill recently).

  4. as "a superior and more refined level of blogging"!

    Yes, it does, since you keep a proper scan of the main issues going, link to the supporting resources and offer versions of searchability on your site which can be used easily by non-lawyers.

    I don't agree with you on numerous points (on matters of politics, rather than law) but that doesn't alter the fact that if somebody wanted to know about family law, this is the first place I'd send them to help them make sense of what they were getting in to.

  5. Well, I'm flattered. Thank you very much for those kind comments.

    In that light, I shall allow you to disagree with me... ;-)


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