Thursday, October 01, 2009

September Post of the Month

Thankfully, I know nothing of what it is like to serve in a war zone. I also know nothing about post-traumatic stress disorder. The winner of my Post of the Month trophy for September knows about both of these things. In a very personal and moving post that must have been difficult to write, Oedipus Lex tells of his experiences in the army and, more particularly, since leaving it. "You don’t go on oper­a­tions and come back the same person" he says, yet society seems to know little about the problem, and care even less.

Think it would be fatuous for me to say, as I usually do at this point in these posts, that I am sending Oedipus Lex some amusingly appropriate prize. Instead, I hope that writing the post has some small cathartic effect for him, and I thank him for sharing his experiences with us.

'PTSD — An Introspective' wins my Post of the Month trophy for September.


  1. John - thanks so much, I am truly honoured. Yes, it was an amazingly cathartic experience and I've never had such a positive response to a post before. I am now guest writing for a leading PTSD blog,, and have been contacted by several charities that I now hope to work with. Anything that I can do to raise public awareness is reward enough but recognition from the blawging world adds to this.

    Thanks again - Lex.

  2. My pleasure. Really glad that you have benefited, and about the response.


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