Disturbing News

Some highly disturbing news from The Wall Street Journal. Apparently, there is this awful new trend called the "Civilized Divorce". Quite made me feel faint when I read about it. People divorcing amicably and remaining good friends? Where's the fees fun in that?

Let us hope that this will be one trend that is short-lived.

[Hat-tip to James Gross of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier for pointing out this story.]


  1. Yes, they can get too messy, best try to avoid that if you can.

    Reminds me of the olf Frankie Goes to Hollywood video 'Two Tribes', where the presidents of the USA and USSR try to kill each other in a ring to music. Anyone else remember that one. Very nasty, messy, expensive, bloody, business, best avoided if at all possible.

  2. That was the old Frankie Goes to Hollywood video I meant.


  3. Heh! Can't wait to see the effect of Fixed Fee Divorces on how much lawyers allow themselves to be drawn into the stupid petty arguing that seems to drive divorcing couples apart.


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