Lawyer of Love?

I see that Chicago divorce lawyer Corri Fetman is back in the news. As long-time readers of Family Lore may recall, Fetman gained fame (?notoriety) for her firm's billboard advert two years ago which read: "Life's short. Get a divorce." She subsequently posed nude for Playboy, and briefly wrote a column for the magazine. That all went sour, however, and now Playboy is suing her over her attempt to trademark the phrase "Lawyer of Love", which was the title of the column, and which Playboy claims to own.

I particularly liked the comment by Mitch Kowalski in the FP Legal Post. He said: "Given that she is a divorce attorney, it seems odd that she would want to seen as the Lawyer of Love. Perhaps "Lawyer of Scorched Earth, Death and Destruction" would be more apt for someone in her line of work." Quite.

Fetman, incidentally, now writes the Love Lawyer blog for Chicago Now, a Web site affiliated with the Chicago Tribune.


  1. John, as part of your public service, I don't suppose you happen to have a copy of that Playboy picture.

    And the article, of course. Obviously I am mostly interested in the article...

  2. Well, I did look at it - purely in the interests of serious legal journalism, of course - and I can tell you, you wouldn't like it.


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