October Post of the Month

Non-lawyers often seem to find it difficult to understand that lawyers must maintain a distance from the cases they are dealing with. In the family context, it would be all too easy to get involved in some of the highly-charged and often distressing situations that lawyers deal with, but to do so would be to fail in one's professional duty. The corollary of this is that lawyers are often accused of not caring, as discussed by Lucy Reed of Pink Tape in her post ‘Don’t you lot EVER think about the kids?’, my Post of the Month for October.

The particular source of the criticism that Lucy discusses is a children's guardian, who is quite clear in their view as to how the case should be resolved and becomes frustrated by what they see as lawyers (acting for parents) causing unnecessary delay. However, as Lucy says, parents are entitled to a fair trial too: "For what is fairness if it is not something applicable to all parties?". She concludes: "I think about the kids all the time. How could one not? But then I get on with giving sound advice and acting on my instructions, and put my faith in the court to work out the right solution."

It would be nice if this post were read in certain quarters, before lawyers are insulted in this way.