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In a podcast for the Law Society Gazette, Charon QC has been speaking to Law Society Council member Christina Blacklaws (left) about the state of the family justice system. As Charon states, a pretty grim picture she paints too. If you have an interest in family justice then you should head over to Charon QC and listen to this.


  1. A lawyer sees a problem with the system and the solution, obviously, is to spend more money on lawyers (quelle surprise as Dellboy would say). I think the money would be better spent on social workers and empathy centres (or whatever they are called) than big legal aid increases for lawyers. Also not sure quoting Dame Butler Sloss reinforces the argument (not a fan of hers). Her husband is in Kenya doing god knows what for the last 40 years they have lived apart, strange marriage, and she was in charge of family law. The law is a farce, lets do it properly or avoid it. Seems we are avoiding it.


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