A risky strategy

I see that Michelle Young has told her story to the media. In an article appearing in the Daily Mail today, she reveals how she believed her husband had affairs with other women, how his character changed as his wealth increased and how she suspects he made their assets "somehow disappear".

Now, we all like to see the rich and powerful being cut down to size, and I'm sure that there are many out there who would like to see Scott Young get his 'comeuppance' by being found to have hidden his assets from the court, but going to the media like this is, I think, a risky strategy. I am reminded of how, in an admittedly rather less dignified way, YouTube divorcée Tricia Walsh-Smith publicised her 'plight', and it certainly didn't seem to help her cause in court. I presume that Michelle Young has discussed this course of action with her legal advisers, but she is going to struggle to gain much sympathy with ordinary people when they see that she is still living extremely comfortably and hear that living in a council house is her greatest fear.

Of course, it doesn't matter what 'ordinary people ' think - the only thing that matters is what the judge thinks. Has she said or revealed anything that the judge will consider she should not? Even if she hasn't, the judge may, consciously or not, take a dim view of a party going to the media in this way.