On a slightly more serious note than the last two posts, I came across this news story in the Telegraph this morning. I'm not going to comment upon the story itself, but rather upon the sub-heading: "The Conservatives are backing plans to give cohabiting couples the same rights as those who are married" (my emphasis). Now, I don't know if this was written on purpose (if not, the Political Editor of the Telegraph should know better), but it is PLAIN WRONG. No one is proposing that cohabitants should have the same rights as married couples, and to suggest that they are is firing up all those small-minded middle Englanders who oppose anything that might upset their cosy but illusory world-order.

For an excellent exposition of what changes in the law are being sought and why, see this recent post by Marilyn Stowe.

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UPDATE: Just to prove my point, both this article in the Daily Mail and this post on the CentreRight blog suggest that the intention of these awful reformers is to give cohabitants similar rights to married couples. Do these people say this on purpose to stir up their narrow-minded supporters, or are they just ignorant? (Amusingly, and unsurprisingly, the Tories are rushing to distance themselves from the appalling suggestion that they might cause the breakdown of society as we know it by actually helping people who choose not to marry.)

My thanks to John Hirst of Jailhouselawyer's Blog for bringing these stories to my attention.