Thursday, December 10, 2009

Defying common sense

Well, I didn't pick up much in the way of serious family law news this morning, but I did pick up a couple of odd stories:

Firstly, from America via the ever-informative Divorce Saloon, the case of a husband who is claiming that his ex-wife's breast implants are marital property. Erik Isaacson is appealing against a decision to exclude the value of his former wife Traci's implants from a list of their assets and debts. He values them at $5,500, and if they were included, then he would have been entitled to other property to that value, to 'balance out the ledger'. Apparently, the judge was not impressed and said that the claim defied common sense.

The second story, also defying common sense, is one of revenge by a husband against his wife after she left him. Now, I've heard of all sorts of targets for revenge (usually the other party's person or property), but never the church in which you were married. Well, that was Robert Knowles' target, as he drove his Vauxhall Astra repeatedly into the doors of the Flame Community Church in Rowley Regis, West Midlands, until they broke and then drove down the aisle and smashed into a stage, causing £20,000 worth of damage. Knowles is now serving a ten month jail sentence.

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