Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November Post of the Month

The issue of property rights for cohabitants and what its supporters are trying to achieve is terribly misunderstood, and it is not helpful when one of those who does not understand occupies a position where their voice will be widely heard. I am speaking, of course, of Baroness Deech, who has been waging a particularly crude and offensive campaign against reform of this area. Thankfully, there are voices of reason, and one of the best expositions of why such reform is required (and dismantling of Baroness Deech's arguments) is a post I have mentioned here previously: Why I disagree with Baroness Deech and her views on cohabitation by Marilyn Stowe, which is the winner of my November Post of the Month trophy. Do read the post, if you have not done so already.

(Marilyn is also to be congratulated for standing up recently to a particularly nasty piece of internet bullying when her blog was temporarily changed by a hacker or hackers who obviously disagree with the right to freedom of speech.)


  1. The idea behind the new cohabiting legislation is to discourage people from living together; e.g. see ...


  2. Thanks John your comments and your award mean a great deal.
    There just shouldnt be 'second class families' wholly dependent on outdated law in England.
    Lets keep fighting the good fight!

  3. My pleasure, Marilyn.

    Yes, there is clearly much work to do to persuade people of the need for reform!


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