Saturday, December 26, 2009

Review of the Year

Having thankfully got rid of Xmas once more, it's time for that other tedious annual tradition, the Review of the Year. In an attempt to make things slightly more interesting, this review will cover the, shall we say, slightly less serious family law stories that made the headlines this year (for a serious review of the year, see here).

January - The year began with the story from America that a husband who donated his kidney to his wife wanted it back, as part of the divorce settlement. As we will see, this was not the only American divorce involving a bodily part of the wife. Meanwhile, over here we had a cuckolded husband attempting to claim compensation from his adulterous wife for the cost of raising the child that she had by her lover.

February - Brought us the news that a woman was seeking a divorce from her husband after she found out he was having gay sex in Second Life.

March - Attention turned to Australia with a divorce dispute involving a hose, and then back to America, where a Swedish countess was demanding maintenance of $54,000 a week to cover her basic expenses.

April - Brought us the sad news that Corri Fetman's career as a Playboy columnist was over. The month ended on a high note though, with Lord Justice wall using the word 'fuck' in court.

May - Took us to Kenya, where a man was suing the leaders of a coalition of women’s groups who organised a seven-day boycott of sexual relations with men, as a protest at the country's economic and political problems.

June - In England, a husband had to resort to appearing in court in women's clothes to obtain the order he sought, and a husband in America sued his wife's lover for 'stealing' his wife.

July - Others may throw a modest divorce party, but Slavica Ecclestone celebrated her divorce from Bernie by purchasing a £36.5 milllion private jet.

August - All about marital assets this month, with poor Fred Matt having to sell his toy collection to pay for his divorce, and a New Jersey appeals panel deciding that dogs were not chairs.

September - Took us to South Africa, where 44 year-old Milton Mbhele married four brides simultaneously.

October - Brought us the news that a Malaysian state was offering free honeymoons to couples on the verge of breaking up, in an effort to reduce the divorce rate. We also found out about the Australian wife who preferred a crocodile to her husband, and the Saudi husband who regretted nicknaming his wife 'Guantanamo'.

November - Back here in the UK, we had the oldest couple ever to divorce, at the age of 98, and I reported the case of the Taiwanese woman who asked for a divorce from her husband because his penis was too long.

December - Brought us two more cases from America, firstly the case of the motorised bar stool that was being auctioned to pay off arrears of child support, and finally the other case involving a part of the wife's body, where a husband is claiming that his ex-wife's breast implants are marital property.

Let us hope for more of the same next year!

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