December Post of the Month

I may not always bestow my Post of the Month trophy upon a family law blog (Charon QC has deservedly received the award no less than five times), but I do try to favour family law blogs, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, December was a pretty thin month for family law blogging, but there was one post that stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

For the second month running my coveted trophy goes to Marilyn Stowe. In The family law case of the decade: White v White Marilyn tells us that White v White was the most important family law case of the 'Noughties' (and who can argue with that - I don't recall any single case in my entire career having such an impact), and explains why, including looking at case law both before and since. She also gives us her opinion as to the effect of White, and speculates as to future developments. An excellent post, and one that I wish I had written, demonstrating as it does the real value of serious blogging - read it if you've not done so already.