Nigel Shepherd on the divorce rate drop

I came across this on the Resolution website:

Cynics may not accept his answer to the first question, denying that the drop in divorces is unwelcome news for divorce lawyers, but then I am not a cynic...


  1. A shocking news for lawyers but a good news for the government. The government was wondering for the last couple of years to control the divorce rate. That was we were taught in family law lectures. It is a great start.

  2. Surely a decline in the marriage rate will lead to a decline in the divorce rate.

    Not even a family lawyer would be able to find a way to divorce a couple who are not married, though I'm willing to be proved wrong.

  3. You're a sad, cynical man, Nick.


  4. This was my interview! The decline in divorce was in prentage terms therefore unaffected by the decline in marriage rate. Anyway, the main point is that a civilised society deserves a civilised divorce process. We shuld be doing whatever we can to help people save their marriage, but if it's over then encouraging blame is not the answer. We need to help people move forward. The main concern is the children.

  5. Agreed. See also this post, and the comments to it.


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