Apologies for the lack of posting around here for the last few days, but I've been just a little busy, with work of a physical nature (a marathon 4-day clearing and cleaning session). In fact, I'm so kn*ackered that it feels like I've never worked so hard in my life, although more likely it's just that I'm getting too old for such exertions. My body aches in places I'd long forgotten about, and my fingers are so stiff from scrubbing that they can hardly move across this keyboard. I understand that physical exercise is supposed to be good for the soul (whatever that means), but it certainly wasn't good for my back. Anyhow, all is now done and service should shortly return to normal...

Apologies also for not getting my Newsletter out today, for the same reason. I shall ensure it goes out tomorrow.

Finally, apologies to regular commenters for turning on comment moderation again, but I've had one spam comment too many recently...


  1. I don't suppose you would like to settle your debt to me by doing a spot of house cleaning for me?

    It should only take you about 4 days.


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