Divorce: The REAL news

Every day I do a news update on Family Lore Focus. Now, this being a serious legal news service, I naturally have to be a little discerning about what stories to include. Well, today I thought I would do a post here about some current divorce stories that were not included - I will leave it for the reader to decide why they were not.

We start (where else) with Katie Price (or should that be Jordan, or should it now be Reid?). For some reason that now escapes me, I omitted to mention her recent nuptials to somebody called Alex Reid in Las Vegas, much as this brought joy to tabloid newspapers everywhere the happy couple. I will, however, now mention that bookies are apparently now taking bets on the timing of their divorce. William Hill are giving odds of 10/1 that they will announce their separation by the end of the month, with odds lengthening to 12/1 if they make it to March. A spokesman for the betting company said: "The speed of their marriage has caught us by surprise but the odds suggest that the marriage could be quite speedy too". Excellent stuff.

Moving to America, we have the unusual situation of a judge giving a woman six months to divorce. He didn't, however, specify which of her two husbands she should divorce. You see, Lorri Freesland omitted to divorce husband number one before she married husband number two. Judge M. Richard Knoblock (why don't our judges over here have names like that?) sentenced her to 15 days in jail and one year of probation for bigamy.

Lastly, he or she may consider themselves to be the unluckiest divorce lawyer in the world. Certainly, their estimated net profit for this year has just taken a severe nose-dive. I am talking of course of Elin Nordegren's Orlando divorce attorney, who has apparently just been dropped, as Tiger Woods' wife has reportedly decided to attempt to save her marriage, rather than proceed with a divorce. I wonder what are the odds on her succeeding...


  1. Hi John, so glad to see you covering the Katie Price/ Alex Reid union. Brought tears to my eyes. Also, probably old news to you but wanted to say congrats on the book. I currently work in a bookshop and was so excited to see it on the shelves, I did a little dance!


    ~Curious Black Cat

  2. Excellent! I did see you mention that on your blog, but forgot to comment.

    Glad the post amused you.


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