I know that looks aren't everything, but what kind of madness is it that persuades one person to marry another without even seeing their face?


  1. Have you not heard that the eyes are the mirror to the soul?

  2. I would hazard a guess that the lady in your picture is not buck toothed and hairy but I could be wrong

  3. ...and doesn't seem to be cross-eyed either, but who says 'she' is a lady at all?

  4. For people to do that kind of thing, as Richard Dawkins would say, it takes religion.

    Funny that someone was allowed to take a photo of her (or rather her sister). Presumably it must be a female photographer or male relative, and photographs must not be viewed by or accessible to other males. If it's a commercial print, presumably the printing and any processing must be done by a female. Women can I assume work in Dubai.

    Oh, and the photo in the Telegraph story looks very badly chosen. It looks to me like a picture of an Indian Hindu woman, not an Arab Muslim at all.

  5. Hi Carl,

    Yes, I am sure that is exactly what Richard Dawkins would say.

    I wondered about the photo of her sister too, although it is probably a mistake to try to apply logic to the situation.

    As for the photo in the Telegraph...


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