Today I bury my father

My father passed away on the 18th January. He will be buried today. A strange feeling.

As can be seen from the picture, I followed my father into the law. I did not, however, hold that against him. The notice, which used to hang just inside the entrance to the court at the Old Town Hall, Gravesend, was presented to him when he retired in 1986.

Goodbye, Dad.


  1. Sorry to hear about that John.


  2. Having had the pleasure of working with you - you followed him well x

  3. Thank you both (whoever you are!).

  4. On a bored Friday afternoon I surfed to your blog as at least it looks to my staff as if I might be doing something law-related, and found your posting saying your father had died.
    You may not believe this but your father had been in my thoughts over the last few weeks as I had been reminiscing on my (far too long) legal career which started in 1974 at Chatham Mags when your father was Deputy Clerk to the Justices!
    I still remember him well--a dapper man with a sharp sense of humour and a great legal brain which really guided us youngsters.
    You must be very proud of all he achieved and his standing locally.
    My thoughts are now with you.
    Jan Stanton
    Stantons specialist family lawyers

  5. Best wishes, John.

  6. With sympathy for your loss.


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