Who cares about Cheryl Cole?

It is obviously a national tragedy. Wherever one looks in the media today (Google lists 2,069 news articles as at the time of writing) one is greeted with the not unexpected but still distressing news that the "nation's sweetheart" has decided to jettison her hubby, Cashley Cole.

As we all mourn at the altar of celebrity, our thoughts turn to the unhappy couple: he a poor footballist earning a mere £6.2 million for kicking a leather ball around a field and she an even poorer ersatz pop star who reportedly earned £1.2 million for sitting as a judge on that cringeworthy annual celebration of mediocrity, The X Factor. How will each manage without the other?

Clearly, there is nothing worse happening in the world than this appalling catastrophe - let us just hope that there will be another natural disaster somewhere, so that we can turn our minds to lighter things.


  1. Is this 'nation's sweetheart', the same one who was done and found guilty for assault causing actual bodily harm for punching a toilet assistant in a nightclub to the floor and while calling her a "F'ing Black B%^ch!" at the same time. I suppose this is like the nation being in mourning for Princess Diana, these tabloids to not speak for me, but prove I suppose that the cult of the celebrity is alive still. Although for role models for our kids I think looking locally is more likely to work.

  2. I add this comment in July because the internet still seems determined to shove this women in front of our noses regardless of how trivial or unnewsworthy the reported event is. The latest is that Cheryl is 'scared' that somebody who has replaced her on the X-Factor during a period of illness is proving a hit and may displace her permanently. Oh Dear what will that cost the poor woman in loss of advertising revenue. This blog asks, 'Who cares about Cheryl Cole'. NOT ME!!! for one.

    I am seriously concerned at the time, space and effort devoted to the silly, frivolous, immature, mindless minutiae of celebrity lives.

    Even if no one else reads this at least I've got it off my chest.

  3. I don't like her either and I am just amazed by how much people DO like her? WHY, I hope they do have a new line up for the X factor, as I enjoy the contestants but not the panel, with the exception of louis as he's just like your embarrassing dad, who drives you mad, but you just like having around


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