Are spammers stupid, or what?

Exasperated by the number of spam comments I had been getting, I recently turned on comment moderation. Naively, I expected this to stop the spam comments. After all, what kind of idiot will waste their time trying to get a spam comment on a blog when they know that all comments are moderated by the blog author, and spam comments will obviously be rejected? Well, it seems that there is no shortage of such idiots, as the spam comments keep coming. Are these people desperate, or just plain stupid? So, here's a tip: YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME.

[Scott Greenfield of the Simple Justice blog has recently written an excellent post on the subject of spam comments - recommended reading for all bloggers.]


  1. Thanks, John.

    The remarkable thing about that sketch is that it's still as funny now as it was all those years ago.

    I guess you just can't have too much Python.

  2. Whenever I think about spam I think about that sketch, and still I find it funny. It is a classic, along with the Dead Parrot sketch. And, some of the Two Ronnies, in particular the one which goes "Four candles", "Fork handles?".


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