Down in the Family Division...

Image: David Hawgood

In The Times' Law Central column yesterday Frances Gibb points out that "things are looking worrying down in the Family Division", with just two weeks to go before current President Sir Mark Potter leaves, and still no successor announced. Not only will this mean that the new man or woman will not be able to learn the job by shadowing him, she says, but also that either we will have a man who was rejected initially or a second-choice appointment. All quite embarrassing indeed...


  1. Apart from the eyebrows (which I find quite endearing), why not Lord Justice Wall?

    You say below he criticised Government policy, how? What did he say?

    Can we have Bob Geldof please? Or King Soloman.

  2. For what he said, see the articles in The Times, linked to in my earlier post.

    Yes, King Solomon could be useful at times!

  3. Just read it and I think Jack Straw was right.

    I mean who does Wall'y think he is criticising the Government for opening up the Family Courts.

    I think sometimes Judges do forget they are mortal after having so much power and their egos massaged for so long. I mean the politicians are losing votes (including mine) because of the lack of transparency and perceived fairness of the family courts.

    As an old manager of mine said, "Perception is reality". Wall should have thought who put him there (ultimately he is there by the people for the people by consent). A bit like the problems of accountability in the Police (who also investigate themselves). Power corrupts. People need to feel these places are fair.

    As the saying goes, "Not only must Justice be done, but it must also be seen to be done." So perhaps Bob Geldof afterall.

  4. Indeed, Sir Bob Geldof.

  5. Sorry John, but that's not a great photo, what is it of please?

  6. Mouse over the image and you'll see where it is.

  7. Thanks. Never been there thankfully, but I thought I recognised High Holborn. Looks like a government building, like old 1970s style civil service or something. Perhaps like an old telephone exchange building.

  8. Wall LJ; there is an old saying in favour of the government:'One look - is worth a thousand guesses'


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