Has the nation's sweetheart instructed the Steel Magnolia?

I asked the question recently: Who cares about Cheryl Cole? Well, Fiona Shackleton LVO* does, if this report in the Daily Mail today is to be believed. According to them, the nation's sweetheart kicked hubby Cashley out of their home last Friday and shortly afterwards consulted the Steel Magnolia, lawyer to ageing heirs to the throne and even more ageing pop stars.

It is not clear whether Mrs Shackleton has been formally instructed yet, but if she is then hopefully for her Cashley will give her an easier ride than the feisty Heather Mills, who may not have presented much of a legal challenge, but was allegedly pretty handy with a jug of water. Mrs S is, of course, no stranger to dealing with prima donna ball-kickers, having already represented the wife of Cashley's old team-mate Terry Henry.

Whatever happens, it should be another great British media extravaganza.

*LVO = Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, a particularly absurd title from our ludicrous and archaic honours system.