Just make it end...

Like most people in this country, I don't give a damn who wins the election, I just want it to be over. Unfortunately, however, there are a few who still think our votes can be bought, so it is my duty to inform you that The Times reports today that the Tories will be attempting to woo voters by including tax breaks for married couples in their manifesto. No details are given (including how a bankrupt country is to pay for such tax breaks), but no doubt I will have to return to this yet again, once the manifesto is published. I can't wait...


  1. John, your dry English humor and wit always kills me.

    Divorce Saloon

    PS. I am working on the questions as we speak!

  2. Might have voted for them, but won't now. Can't think of 1 UK politician I like at the moment. Perhaps Obama or Netanyahoo (however you spell it) the Isaeli PM. Both of whom at least when they say something you think they might actually mean it for good reasons. What we get is sound bites and powdered noses and too many ex lawyers (like Blair). Come on Ester Ransen and Frank Bruno I say.


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