Pre-nup Poll

To coincide with the Radmacher v Granatino circus, The Guardian is running a poll with the simple (?simplistic) question: Would you sign a prenup? At the time of writing this post the results are as above, i.e. about two-thirds saying 'yes' (there is no 'don't know' option). How many of those two-thirds would really go through with a pre-nup if it actually came to it may be another matter, but nevertheless it is interesting that there appears to be public support for pre-nups, at least amongst Guardian readers. Perhaps that just says something about Guardian readers...


  1. Isn't a pre-nuptial contract just a fancy, expensive way of saying "yes, I'll marry you, but I don't trust you"?

  2. Yes, that just about sums it up.

  3. Well, there are degrees of trust. Marriage is up there with test driving the new multi stage largest payload mars rocket. I do wonder, and ask if either of you are married? Given how long people live and the hit and the difficulties of divorces rewarding idleness is a large amount of trust.


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