Things that litigants in person shouldn't do #3: Throw eggs at the judge

I should probably make this a new subject category. Following on from this post, here is my latest advice for litigants in person: don't throw raw eggs at the judge. Judges don't like this sort of thing, and it is therefore unlikely to advance your case.

Unfortunately, Agim Demiri does not appear to have received any such advice, for in the course of a child support hearing at the DuPage County Courthouse, DuPage County, Illinois, he allegedly threw a raw egg at the judge. It seems that the judge took a dim view of this and Demiri was charged with criminal contempt and remanded immediately to the DuPage County Jail, where he is no doubt now contemplating where his advocacy skills might be improved.


  1. Should not have been drinking coffee while reading this - its gone all over my keyboard!

    Do you think he'll be representing himself in the criminal proceedings?

    And how did no-one notice he'd brought raw eggs in with him...

  2. I deny all responsibility for your keyboard! (May have to put that in my Disclaimer...)

    He may be well advised to seek representation in the criminal proceedings!

    I think court security may have the egg on their faces...

  3. This is very helpful. I shall tip all my clients off as regards the inadvisability of thriwing eggs at the judge, although it does occur to me that hard boiled eggs would have hurt more.

    I always liked the story of the dissatisfied litigant who raised her middle finger to the High Court Judge of teh Family Division and unburdened herself of the following invitation...

    'Rotate on that'.

  4. Excellent - I must remember that if I'm ever in the Family Division again.


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