Three Headlines

Three newspaper headlines today:

The Times, wearing its Sunday best, continues its campaign of hatred against the 'secretive' family justice system today, by putting the boot in to the Birmingham social services department, ably supported by who else but John Hemming MP, who has been known to put the boot in himself on the odd occasion. The story today does not concern expectant mothers fleeing the country in the futile hope of saving their babies from the evil clutches of the state, but rather an innocent mother persecuted by wicked social services for the heinous crime of cuddling her five-year-old daughter. Thank goodness for The Times and John Hemming for regularly bringing such appalling stories to our attention.

Elsewhere in The Sunday Times we are given a striking example of how broken Britain really is with the story of Keith Macdonald who, at the tender age of 24 and no doubt much to the envy of his male contemporaries, has managed the remarkable feat of fathering no less than eight different children by eight different women. We are told that: "Whatever charm Macdonald might have held for the women he has made pregnant, most seem to regret having met him", which for some reason doesn't come as a surprise...

Lastly, and most seriously, the News of the World tells us (so it must be true) that Jordan and Alex (whoever he is) are not really married. Now, this is a particular tragedy for all of those who, like myself, placed good money on them being the first 'celeb' couple to divorce - if the marriage was void, then they will not need to divorce, a scenario which will bring shudders to proprietors of serious newspapers everywhere.


  1. Could it just be that Macdonald goes by the nick name "Big Mac" for some reason?

  2. Well, he must have something...

  3. If the courts did not allow all the rubbish cases through that they allow then there would not be such stories.

  4. That wouldn't be John Hemming, would it? :-)


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