An unedifying story

There is an excellent article by columnist Madeleine Bunting in today's Comment is free column in The Guardian, in which she critically examines the Government's record in relation to child protection. Here are some examples of what she has to say:

"It is an unedifying story of idealistic ambition's unintended consequences, an obsession with accountability, a deluded faith in technology, alternate penny-pinching and enormous flamboyant unfunded commitments, and always a preoccupation with playing to the Murdoch media."

"No one has been brave enough to manage public expectations of child protection as difficult, expensive, and something that will periodically fall short. Instead, beleaguered social workers are set up to fail."


"Every child only matters if you put in the money and the people who can make that meaningful, otherwise it's the equivalent of putting an "I care for the planet" sticker on your 4x4. Social workers have been given an impossible job; you have to be mad, desperate or heroic to want to be one. But it is abused children who will end up paying the steepest price."

Recommended reading, particularly for whoever finds themselves in power after the forthcoming election.