Don't instruct Crapola & Co.

I refer the reader to this recent post, in which I enquired as to the stupidity of spam commenters. I now refer the reader to the following comment on my last post that Messrs. Crapola & Co. of Smalltown USA attempted to get through my comment moderation today:
Please call our office if you need assistance with the following:

* Contested Divorces

* Uncontested Divorces

* Child Custody Disputes

* Child Support Proceedings (including modifications)

* Visitation Schedules

We offer reasonable fees and we accept all major credit cards. Please call our office for a FREE consultation. WEEKEND & EVENING Appointments are available!
Now, would you instruct a firm that is happy to bum free advertising on the back of someone else's efforts? No, nor would I. I would also not instruct a lawyer who would offend my intelligence by thinking that I would publish a comment like this. In fact, the comment is so blatant in making no attempt whatsoever to hide its purpose that I actually laughed when I read it. Would you instruct Messrs. Crapola & Co., laughing stock of Smalltown USA?

OK, I realise that the comment was probably written by some cruddy internet advertising agency instructed by Crapola & Co., rather than by Crapola & Co. themselves, but what does that say about the judgement of Crapola & Co.?


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