Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Post of the Month

Charon QC, clearly invigorated by his recent move to to the Staterooms-on-Thames, was even more prolific than usual last month. He even took the unusual (for him) step of imparting his wisdom in matters of family law, both on his blog and on Twitter.

In "Law Review: Pre-nuptial agreements, Citizen’s arrest for Blair?, Sympathy for barristers… you’re having a larf, guv?" he no doubt caused a bout of apoplexy amongst family lawyers by daring to suggest that the courts should keep out of divorce:

"[I] do not see why the courts, in these modern days, should have any involvement whatsoever between the adult parties – save for dissolving the marriage according to statute, a pretty routine administrative matter these days."

As to children, Charon QC confined his true thoughts to Twitter. Here is a taste:

"Why should people who do not have children subsidise other people's children's education, health care etc. Tax parents for each child! :-)"

All of which leads me to a blinding revelation: I now know why Jack Straw opposed the appointment of Sir Nicholas Wall as next President of the Family Division - Charon QC was his preferred candidate! Fortunately for family lawyers, Charon QC declined his invitation, obviously having better things to do...


  1. Just to say I think the Darth Vader picture on here is superb.

    Perhaps he would be the answer, he certainly would make sure that people didn't drop out of light speed too early (for star wars fans)!

  2. I suppose we could always have the Polish and Romanians look after us in our old age. Yes, joking.

  3. John - Mille gracie for my Oscar - always apreciated.

    I would like to reassure your sensible readership that I have absolutely no intention of making pronouncements on family Law - this is best left to you and other family lawyers who do know what you are talking about.
    I blame the Rioja!


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